These are the qualities Queen Kangana wants in her boyfriend

Kangana Ranaut

Every queen wishes to have certain qualities in her king. Some may wish to have a tall, dark and handsome one where as some might want theirs to be humorous one. And just like any other girl our own Queen Kangana Ranaut wishes her king to be patriotic.

At a recent talk show, Kangana Ranaut who is busy breathing life into the story of Rani Laxmibai through her most awaited film MANIKARNIKA discussed the kind of boyfriend she wants.

When asked about how she is known to be very patriotic, she said, “I have been like this always. I love my country, my motherland and I think I will break up if my boyfriend is not patriotic.” She laughed

She further added, “If he can’t be dedicated towards his motherland, I don’t think he would be dedicated to me. Mother earth is very dear to me. I am not Hindu, Muslim or Christian, I am only an Indian.”

Kangana is shooting the last schedule of MANIKARNIKA in Bikaner. The film is slated to release later this year.