Tony Luke lost 10kgs in two weeks for Badla!

Tony Luke

The Malayalam actor Tony Luke who is making Bollywood debut with Badla lost 10kgs for the film in 2 weeks for the film. The actor had gained a few kgs for his south film film and his character in Badla was required to be lean muscular frame.

The actor went through a strict diet and workout regimen to looks the weight. The actor had no trainer or made any massive investment for this. He did it all by himself. 

Talking about his journey Tony shares,"I had gained a few kilos for my south film before leaving for Badla shoot. I had almost two weeks to lose the weight I had gained since I was required to be in lean muscular physic for Badla. I was required to lose 8% fat to get in the perfect form. To attain the same I went through a combination of  Intermittent fasting and Keto diet. I combined the diet with rigorous workout for 2-3 hours a day during my fasting period."

The actor further adds, "It’s a very intense and tiring regime cause you need to follow it up every day. With no food as source of energy, my body used the fat as fuel. Within a week I started getting results and in two weeks I was in the perfect physic for the shoot."