This guy is behind Kareena's fashion statement and mind you it's not Saif Ali Khan

This guy is behind Kareena's fashion statement and mind you it's not Saif Ali Khan news
img By Ruchita Mishra | 28 Sep 2016 18:43:35.8430000 IST
Soon to be mommy Kareena Kapoor Khan is setting trends all the way as she is breaking the norms and giving all the preggy mothers major fashion goals!


She has always floored the audience with her immense fashion sense. However her most loved movie was JAB WE MET, wherein she was seen playing the role of Geet, where Bollywood witnessed Kareena Kapoor in a light like never before.

While her role was critically acclaimed and the film equally loved, her look became an even bigger fashion statement and before you knew it, every girl on the street was wearing Patiala pants with a printed t-shirt! And even if the character was written by Imtiaz Ali, Kareena swears by the fact that it was Manish Malhotra who actually brought the character to life!

Kareena in a talk show shared her style statement saying, “When we did JAB WE MET, you have to give Manish this credit and Imtiaz has to know this and he does know it, that the entire outfit was Manish’s idea!
Manish told Imtiaz ‘We should put a film print on her t-shirt. She should wear this t-shirt and Patiala and he suggested it!’

Furthermore Kareena added, “He said, ‘it will look amazing, Bebo’! He decided that he should put Mughal-e-azam on the t-shirt! And it became a rage!” So, if it wasn’t for Manish, we wouldn’t have had the Geet that we’ve all come to love so dearly today!”

And now we know who is the man behind Bebo’s killing outfit!