This is how Being Human Salman Khan will become Rajinikanth

This is how Being Human Salman Khan will become Rajinikanth news
img By Vishal Verma | 11 Jul 2017 14:44:11.6670000 IST

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is set to become the Rajinikanth of Bollywood.

The actor whose Eid bonanza TUBELIGHT flickered at the box office resulting in heavy losses to its distributors, can still shimmer some glow on their faces by this good will gesture that highlights the superstars concern for the industry and underlines his Being Human behaviour.


It is now confirmed that Salman Khan and his family after a discussion had agreed to compensate distributors for their losses. It was speculated earlier that distributors especially from the heartland and mass centers where a Salman Khan starrer fetches maximum draw desiring to meet Salman Khan, who is also the co –producer of TUBELIGHT and ask for refund.

The meeting was held last weekend at Salman Khan’s residence in Mumbai. A group of distributors led by NH Studioz - Narendra Hirawat (who had reportedly bought the film for around Rs 130 crore) reportedly met Aman Gill (Business Consultant, Salman Khan Films), Amar Butala (Chief Operating Officer, Salman Khan Films) and Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan.

Salman was not present at the meeting due to some prior commitments informs our source. Salim Khan assured that the ‘needful’ will be done. Though the compensation amount is not yet disclosed but sources claim it to be around 55 – 60 crores.

The gesture has reportedly regained confidence amongst the distributors and it’s a rare occasion where a Salman Khan starrer during Eid has failed to even break even. This gesture has pushed Salman Khan in the league of south superstar Rajiniknath who compensated distributors for LINGAA’s disaster in 2014.

Interestingly, King Khan Shah Rukh Khan has done it thrice for DILWALE (2015), ASOKA (2001) and PAHELI (2005), but the hue and cry over Salman Khan’s TUBELIGHT debacle is unexpectedly shocking, loud and clear.

Interestingly, when we tried to dig more into this, contrasting emotions were noticed between its key players – Amar Butala (COO of Salman Khan Films) and Shreyans Hirawat – director of NH Studioz (The company that acquired all India distribution rights of TUBELIGHT).

When we contacted Amar Butala for his views/comments on this, he failed to oblige and abruptly ended the conversation. Mr. Butala also remained silent to our messages regarding the same.

On the other hand, Shreyans Hirawat when contacted humbly replied, “It’s a very sensitive issue, what should I say.”

The industry in general however is upbeat on this gesture by Salman Khan, but a section of the market remains cynical and believes nothing much will come out from this announcement.

We got in touch with senior trade analyst Komal Nahata who is constantly tracking TUBELIGHT’s box office performance right from day one, especially at the mass centers/ interiors.

Komal Nahata has confirmed that Salman Khan has agreed to refund money to distributors. Hailing it as ‘A lovely gesture and calling it being human!, Komal Nahata also added that “Within 15 days the amount of the compensation will be told to the distributors, the said amount won’t be disclosed in public.’

So it is expected to be a win win situation for all in the end. Though this incident has raised a concern in some section of the market and triggered a debate on stardom taking over content during the pricing and over reliance on a superstar’s magic at the box office rather than the story/content for returns.

In any case, Salman Khan is poised to be the Rajinikanth of Bollywood and we won’t mind it at all.. Salmaniacs all over the globe will be glad to hear this and we are sure the Indian movie industry will also take time to figure the concerns raised by some section over heavy pricing of films and over reliance on star power.

TUBELIGHT may have flickered inside but outside it has managed to throw some light.