This is how Daisy Shah celebrates 3 years of JAI HO!

This is how Daisy Shah celebrates 3 years of JAI HO! news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 24 Jan 2017 18:56:18.8500000 IST

The charming Daisy Shah made her full-fledged debut with JAI HO starring Salman Khan, and as the film completes 3 years  the beautiful actress made her debut on social media today.

As per our sources, Daisy’s fans have been persistently requesting her to join the social media platform so that they could interact with her. The actress finally gave in and decided to join the bandwagon for her fans.
The actress appeared excited to be on the social media platform and engaged with her fans through a live chat. From revealing tid-bits about her friend and mentor Salman Khan to discussing her experience with trolls and haters, the live session was a conversation straight from the actress’s heart.
There were quite a few exciting things we got to know through the chat. From being a foodie who cannot do without pastries to her love for reading, Daisy bared it all.
Her recent transformation led fans to repeatedly ask her about her fitness mantra and regime. To which the actress gladly replied that it is all about being happy and not letting negative comments weigh you down.
The actress also spoke about her upcoming movies RAM RATAN and an untitled project while adding that she is consciously taking up roles different from what she has done in the past.
The fun session ended with the actress dedicating one emoji each to the three ruling Khans of Bollywood and dancing to the tunes of the title track of JAI HO!

Check out her video below!