Ranveer Singh enters house like a typical husband and its relatable

Ranveer Singh the new husband in town is super elated that he is called the best boyfriend, he now wants to be called as the best husband of the millennium.

 Last week Deepika and Ranveer took nupital vows and since then there is no stopping as thier snaps of wedding are all over the internet.

 As Ranveer's movie SIMMBA is releasing this month, the trailer is widely appreicated, during media intertactions he enacted his SIMMBA entry and also showed how he enters house.

Apart from that when asked Ranveer Singh what was his lady love Deepika Padukone’s reaction when she saw the trailer of SIMMBA.

Ranveer said, “Deepika is not very expressive but when she saw me filming SIMMBA she said,’ hot lag raha hai’. Apart from that now that I am married and would like to be called as the husband of the millennium.”

When media quizzed, the newly wed Ranveer as to how he enters house he had a quirky way of entering the house and enacted in front of press.”

Check out the video below: