This Navratri groove with these steps and enjoy Garba

'Ae Halooooo', the most colorful and vibrant festival of Navratri is finally here and its that time of the year to dress up in traditional wear and enjoy the night with some traditional dance over nagadas and dhols. The word Navratri translates to "nine nights". The festival is dedicated to Durga and her nine forms. The folk dance performed during the festival came to be known as Garba which originated from a village in Gujarat. It is performed by the devotees to worship Maa Ambe to celebrate her victory over the 'Rakshasa'.

This enthusiastic folk dance is immensely not just loved in India but it is religiously enjoyed in other countries as well. And thanks to Bollywood for giving us peppy Navratri tracks to groove on, currently LOVEYATRI and MITRON are making rounds for their hard-hitting songs that just adds more spice and spunk to it. Watching the actors performing on these tracks Garba lovers get to learn a lot of new steps and get a chance to enjoy the most of the festive season.

The ambiance of Garba won't be felt authentic unless it is played donning the traditional Kediyu and ghagra cholis and it also gives the dancers a comfort to make movements freely. For those who perform Garba with full love and dedication, do they really know what are the different steps exactly called? Well, apart from the staunch Garba dancers a guide for the beginners would be essential to learn garba and enjoy the dance with more excitement. So here's a sneak peek into the different forms of garba that are popular during the festival.

One of the newer and more popular forms of dancing style. Dodhiyu can be done in several different styles and people try and incorporate many variations in it. Dodhiyu garba includes dancing 6 steps and moving around once. Guys and girls generally form pairs and groups to perform dodhiyu. It is fun, tough and involves a lot of technique as it requires coordination among all the players which is extremely important.

GAUFFThis dance form is a beautiful combination of Garba and Dandiya. It is performed in small batches and is an unusual format of winding and unwinding dupattas between each dancer.

DISCO GARBADisco garba is based on fast disco beats and is generally a fusion between disco and the traditional garba style of dancing.

DO TAALI GARBAThis dancing style involves clapping twice, as you move in a circular motion. This is one of the most common style of garba, this style can be learnt easily with your partners on the ground.

GARBA HINCHHinch is a competitive dance form where women bend forward and clap while moving in a circle. As the beat moves faster, the dance also becomes fast.

TEEN TAALI GARBABoys and girls enjoy the teen taali garba, where they need to clap thrice to the beats and dance. The teen taali garba is popular with middle-aged women.