This NEERJA actor pens an open letter for Manoj Bajpayee

This NEERJA actor pens an open letter for Manoj Bajpayee news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 24 Apr 2017 17:35:27.8570000 IST

Social media is a powerful tool and these days actors don’t shy away from voicing their thoughts on micro blogging site or penning open letter to their fans.

Amitabh Bachchan wrote a letter during the release of PINK, post which Raveena Tandon wrote it for MAATR and recently Alia Bhatt too wrote a letter for the youth.

And now we see NEERJA actor Prashantt Guptha who penned down an open letter after his hour long meeting with Manoj Bajpayee that he claims has been life altering.

As it was Manoj’s birthday, Prashantt met Manoj and wrote some excellent learning that he took away after the meet from NAAM SHABANA actor.
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In between my films, hundreds of moments of rejection, disappointment, fear, insecurity, and surely without a doubt, several moments of bliss, acclaim and success ... there has been a major necessity for an artiste like myself to prevent falling into the black-hole of insanity.
My time with Manoj Bajpayee was what I call ‘divine intervention.’ For the first few minutes, it was a little intimidating to look the man in the eyes and be completely at ease. Simply because it dawned upon me that I was talking to Bhiku Mhatre of Satya, Samar Pratap Singh of Shool, Raghavan Ghatge of Aks, the prince of Zubeidaa, Sardar Khan of Wasseypur, Professor Siras of Aligarh, and the face of a myriad other characters played to near perfection. But within 5 minutes, he was Manoj Bajpayee. Not the seasoned actor of 20 years plus, but the outsider before that. that was the awe-inspiring bit that struck me like a bolt of lightning, completely humbling the prejudice I went in with of a great star-actor. Surely in my years as an actor, I have worked with several greats and came out notably appreciated. But this was one of my idols, and this was an incredible revelation.
Even that even after years of acclaim and success, he has remained 100% grounded and still behaves like the outsider he once was. And for those who don't know, Satya may have been his first claim to fame but he arrived in Mumbai over a decade before that. The fact that it took him that long before his arrival was a dose of sanity for me.
Don't expect to evolve as an actor if you don't evolve as a human being.
Lesson #3 would be his answer to a question of mine. After hearing much about the non-sense and hypocrisy one must endure to stay alive in this industry, I was compelled to ask him, 'how have you remained sane?' He simply said, 'mein kaam karta hoon, paise leta hoon, aur ghar jaata hoon.' To which I retaliated, 'sir yeh toh tab hai jab aap ke paas kaam hota hai. Tab kya jab lambe arse ke liye kuch nahin hota?' He said go home, visit as much of what is connected to your childhood, and you will find healing energies there. How profound. Especially for me. In my first few years in Mumbai, as much as I would look forward to a few days back in New York, I would emotionally dread it to, being harsh on myself as someone who would go back without having achieved anything major, yet again. But here I was who used to feel like a 'haaraa hua khiladi joh maidaan chod ke bhaag raha hai,' and here he was who suggested that it was necessary to fill the vacuum.
Prashantt, never let anyone define you.' There is no absolute barometer of success and failure, and more often than not, people will judge and treat you as per how they see themselves. He said never be over gratified by the great reviews you receive and nor dejected by them tearing you down.
Well written!