This TUBELIGHT review will make the fandom of Salman Khan more anxious

This TUBELIGHT review will make the fandom of Salman Khan more anxious news
Vishal Verma By Vishal Verma | 25 Apr 2017 14:48:00.5600000 IST

Fans of Salman Khan around the world, this will make you impatience for sure but we just cannot hide this fabulous sentiment that was shared at a special screening of Salman Khan’s highly awaited Eid Bonanza TUBELIGHT.


As the world is going gaga over Salman Khan’s innocence in the movie's first look where he is seen searching for his lost brother with a shoe tied around his neck, now read further to know the reaction of father Salim after watching the film.

According to our source, as a practice TUBELIGHT director Kabir Khan recently hosted a special screening for Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan. The director showed him the first cut to know the reaction of the veteran script writer who teamed up with Javed Akhter to pen Bollywood’s legendary blockbusters like SHOLAY, SEETA OR GEETA, DON etc. 

Our source adds that as the movie ended and Kabir was waiting for Salim Khan’s valuable inputs, much to everyone’s delight and pride, Salim Khan gave a tight hug to Kabir. Kabir didn't know what to say and when someone quipped Salim, he said that Kabir has made a ‘beautiful’ film.

Previously, Kabir Khan showed BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN to Salim Khan and received an overwhelming response but here the source adds that it was something special.

Slated to hit the screens on June 23, TUBELIGHT is based on the 1962 Indo-Chinese war. The movie will see Salman Khan as a slow learner who starts a journey to find his missing brother played by Sohail Khan. The movie also stars Chinese supermodel Zhu Zhu, late Om Puri and SRK in a special cameo.