This tv actor is a huge fan of king khan!

Sangeetha Chauhan, Sahil Uppal and Suchitra Pillai (Courtesy: IANS)

Actor Sahil Uppal, a fan of Shah Rukh Khan, took inspiration from the superstar's movie DARR to prepare for his role of an obsessive lover by incorporating certain elements in his portrayal of the evil Angraaj.

Sahil will be seen playing the antagonist Angraaj in the show "Piyaa Albela".

"Angraaj is a very intense and complex character. It was very challenging for me to play such a role and translate that level of intensity on screen. My character has dark shades to his personality and is very similar to Shah Rukh's character in 'Darr'," Sahil said in a statement.

"Coincidently, I am a huge fan of King Khan and it helped me in my on-screen portrayal by drawing parallels between my character Angraaj and his character Rahul from 'Darr'. To understand the underlying traits of an obsessive lover, I watched the movie a few times to observe Shah Rukh Khan's mannerisms and body language.

"While his character from the movie is an iconic one, I have tried my best to incorporate certain nuances in my portrayal of Angraaj," he added.

"Piyaa Albela" is aired on Zee TV.