Tiger Shroff: After failures I get into introspection mode and start blaming myself

Tiger Shroff has a huge fan following among masses and especially kids. He started his career with HEROPANTI and gave some good hits at the box office. Tiger is known as an action hero and is a terrific dancer as well and he enjoys his work. His two films tanked at the box office miserably namely MUNNA MICHEAL and FLYING JAAT, but that didn’t stop him for moving forward.
Tiger will now be seen in BAAGHI 2 which is Hindi remake of popular south film KSHANAM that also stars his alleged girlfriend Disha Patani.
Despite being son of a fine actor like Jackie Shroff, Tiger made his mark in various Bollywood films.
In conversation with Tiger Shroff as he talks about action films, how disheartened he was when his old films didn’t do well, he also spoke in length about his upcoming films and more.
Here are the excerpts:

BAAGHI 2 is releasing just few days from now, what are your expectations from the film?
I am keeping my fingers crossed. I want the film to do well. My last two films didn’t do well, and I got affected. I get into a mode and start analyzing things. I felt that whatever I touched would turn to gold. Besides, I have a kids fan following, plus I’m doing action playing a superhero, how can that not work? That is what the kids want to see. So how did that not work? When a picture doesn’t work, the blame game starts. I don’t like to blame anyone but myself. I would ask myself what did I do wrong? But I don’t know what I did wrong. Maybe... I don’t want to say stuff like... story wasn’t good, second half wasn’t great. So, I have to blame myself, but I don’t know what to blame myself for. You have to move forward. I don’t blame anyone but I start introspecting things. Earlier I would do it now I have minimized it. I want BAAGHI 2 to do well, box office numbers matter to me, after two debacles I now want my films to do well. I still remember after HEROPANTI and BAAGHI, I was on cloud nine. We believe in the franchise of BAAGHI hence we announced BAAGHI 3.

Though you are just four films old, do you fear being stereotyped as an action hero?
It was my dream to be an action hero! Action is such a universal language, a powerful expression. You may not understand what I am saying, but if I throw a punch or a kick, you will understand that. That is what is really intriguing about this expression. Today they don’t make that hard-core action hero any more. You can give me the tag, I don’t mind that. The fact that you have given me one is a sign that perhaps I have already made some sort of impression.

Is it more comfortable to work with a good friend like Disha Patani?
Yeah, definitely. Just the chemistry that we share, the comfort factor, both on and off the sets, it really helps while doing an emotional or romantic scene.

The film is adapted from the Telugu film KSHANAM (2016). Did you watch it?
No, I chose not to watch it because I didn’t want to start going through the same route taken by that actor (Adivi Sesh) had gone through. I wanted to give my own take on it.

You have signed on for STUDENT OF THE YEAR 2. Is that a move to break away from the action hero image?
STUDENT OF THE YEAR is a complete contrast to what I am doing currently. That is out-of-the-box stuff for me. Here (BAAGHI 2), I am a one-man army, there I am getting bullied. I will have to lose my muscles to look more like a college boy. The body language will have to change. I don’t know what is going to be my look. Maybe I will be asked to grow my hair, trim my beard, look more fair, which is my natural colour. In BAAGHI 2, they tanned me. I will be shooting for STUDENT OF THE YEAR 2 first, then the Hrithik movies. RAMBO will be after BAAGHI 3.

Sylvester Stallone had posted a video about knowing that RAMBO will be remade in India and he hoped the Indian makers do it well.
Yes, I saw that. That was a good feeling, to get a few words of encouragement.

With so many action sequences in BAAGHI 2, what new can we see in RAMBO?
I don’t know about the sequences .

When you do an action sequence, aren’t you scared of your life?
This is my job, doing an action sequence is tough as you are somewhere in the air, hanging on an helicopter and you are in motion and then you have to also look like a hero. I can’t be scared at all, I am convinced as to what I do.