Tiger Shroff: My dad was a born actor

Tiger Shroff: My dad was a born actor news
img By Joginder Tuteja | 20 May 2014 12:36:35.1400000 IST

Three decades after Jackie Shroff, his son Tiger Shroff is ready to make his debut with HEROPANTI. For someone who was born after his father's smash hit HERO was released, Tiger sees a huge difference in the way things functioned back then and now.

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'Today when I am acting, my team tells me that ek baal yahan se galat aa raaha hai face par or 'the shirt's crease is a little misplaced at this angle' etc. etc. I feel from the acting perspective, the whole craft has become so mechanical and technical. When I hear stories from my dad about the past, I feel that the craft back then was in a much evolving phase and hence things turned out to be a lot more natural. This is the reason why my dad's acting was so bindaas. He didn't have to act, he was a born star. He didn't need any grooming either. Those days were so much more laidback,' says Tiger.

Of course he does understand the need of the hour and is happy with the fact that even when he is doing 'heropanti' in the namesake film by Sabbir Khan, he is still getting an opportunity to play it real.

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'This is the reason why I don't pick up arms when my girl is taken away. I just tell her father to find the best for her,' he says, 'It is about respecting your girl and respecting her parents. There is no point getting into the mode ki kuch kiya toh main hawaa main udha sakta hoon. Waisa nahi hota hai.'

Now that he is all set to step into stardom, what scares him most is social populism. 'Neither do I know how to be diplomatic nor do I want to get into anyone's bad books. All I want is to act because I am most comfortable when I am shooting or performing for camera.'

We would like to have a dekko ourselves once HEROPANTI, a Sajid Nadiadwala production, releases all over this Friday.

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view HEROPANTI stills