Tijori making 'Khamosh'

MUMBAI: Remember actor-turned-director Deepak Tijori, who knocked the conservative sensibilities of the Indian audiences by his his "Oops!" a Hindi adaptation of the English film "Full Monty."

Well, he has now begun working on his next directorial venture titled "Khamosh", previously named "Help."

Tijori has already roped in Shilpa Shetty to play the heroine, and is now looking for a male lead.

Beyond this Tijori, who has become a full time director, refused to divulge anything more about the film.

instead he was keen to talk about "Kayanaat," which he took over following the ouster of director Shrey Shrivastava.

"It is based on the growing terrorism in the country. However, for a change, it doesn't deal with the Kashmir issue, but is set in Rajasthan," said Tijori, who has begun shooting the film.