Timeless love stories of Hindi cinema: MAUSAM latest entrant into the category

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Enkayaar By Enkayaar | 23 Sep 2011 17:07:10 IST

There is something about romance; it gets reflected through the performances, the manner in which the films are crafted, the location, the performances of the star cast and also the aura that is built around the story.

Well, MAUSAM seems to be following in the same leak as it is set amidst the lush green hills with all the trappings of boy meets girl, and the boy trying to attract girl's attention for a change by not sitting on a bike but by trying to fix the chain of his old cycle. When was this moment seen in the Hindi cinema last time? May be, in the era of black and white films, but the fact of the matter is that such nuances still continue to be in vogue in cities and towns that characterize India and for this India armed forces has an element of charm and this is what Pankaj Kapur must be aiming, to infuse the nostalgia and bring back old world romance to Hindi cinema through MAUSAM. This being the idea then, lets' has a run of such films from the world of Hindi cinema.

ARADHANA: It was the first film in the world of Hindi cinema that had woven romance around a pilot and created an aura and mystique associated with uniformed services. Those were the guys to fall for, for the girls, in love and try to make them their soul mates. It was before a TOP GUN infused the idea of romance for armed force services professionals all over the world and MAUSAM indeed would try to recreate the aura associated with ARADHANA.

VEER ZAARA: Again a film with services rather Air Force as the background went on to become a cult cinema of Hindi movies for all times to come and underlined the romance and the virtues, commitments associated with services industry, or rather one should say with life as well, it being the element of nostalgia and eternity.

MUQADDAR KA SIKANDAR: It was a commitment of the childhood whereby a Big B devoted his whole life to his memsahib, while a Rekha did the same for him, it would have been interesting if both Big B and Rekha had expressed love for each other in the film, may be a sequel in these times to explore this aspect and add to the mystique of eternal love. Incidentally, what is called as commitment from one's side, where the girl or the boy does not know that there is somebody who is so much passionate about him or her were christened jokingly in university and college days as FOSLAS or frustrated one sider lovers association. Indeed those where the days, now nobody has such patience!

MADHUMATI: It was the filmmaker of the likes of Bimal Roy who weaved a miasma of eternity in romance through his mystique film MADHUMATI where one did not know how many Dilip Kumars and Vyjantimalas were coming and going, and in each birth they found themselves.

SAAWARIYA: Though the film could not make waves at the box office, Sanjay Leela Bhansali was able to weave a mystique around romance, more through locations and the choice of colors used by him.

Well, as long as romance is crafted with infusion of mystique and nostalgia many a tissue papers and napkins would be wetted in the audience and the box office would continue to jingle. MAUSAM is expected to achieve the same.