Tom Cruise on making the ‘impossible’ happen!

With the latest entrant in the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE SERIES coming this year, Tom Cruise seems to push the boundaries for stunt and cinematic golden moments as he ages; Tom Cruise has built a career around the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE franchise with each film outdoing the previous one.

With MISSION IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT set to release this year the 55 year old actor has once again tried his best to give the audience something they haven’t seen before.

He took to skydiving for this film at 25000 feet in the air, the director of the film Christopher McQuarrie shared a picture notifying about how meticulous the process was to take a single shot for the film on a photo sharing portal.

Tom Cruise learnt to pilot a helicopter too for the film which required him to manoeuvre the aerial vehicle and perform stunts while acting and flying solo, the stunts shown in the film are breath taking and this has been a staple for the franchise from the first instalment itself.

He had suffered a broken foot while performing a roof top stunt and he still kept filming with it, to keep the filming on schedule.

Tom cruise himself shared a video on his social media profile showing the helicopter stunt, it just goes to show the attention to detail he gives and the amount of commitment and determination that resides in him to bring something so ridiculous to even think, come to life.

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT opens on July 27th 2018

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