Trailer of BAREILLY KI BARFI is fun, quirky and engrossing

Trailer of BAREILLY KI BARFI is fun, quirky and engrossing news
Pooja Sharma By Pooja Sharma | 19 Jul 2017 17:29:45.1000000 IST

After treating the audience with its vibrant poster, the makers of BAREILLY KI BARFI have released its trailer which is quite fun, quirky and engaging.

The trailer opens with Kriti’s mother reading a letter left by her which is quite funny. Then we see how unconventional Kriti is when it comes to her lifestyle and choices considering the fact that she lives in Bareilly.

Kriti loves break dancing and watching English films, all these things are something which are not attributed to girls living in UP. But Kriti doesn’t give a damn and calls herself Bareilly ki Barfi.

Her family wants to get her married but none of the boys interests Kriti. Then enters Ayushmann Khurrana who falls for Kriti’s effortless charm and beauty but Kirti is in search for a guy who will accept her the way she is.
She stumbles upon Rajkummar’s photo and asks Ayushmann to help her in finding Rajkummar. Ayushmann does find Rajkummar but only with a warning that he has to break Kriti’s heart so that eventually he can win over her.

But things take a twist when instead of making Kriti dislike him, her entire family is super impressed by Rajkummar and now who wins Kriti’s heart forms the crux of this story.

Certain shots of the film involving Kriti and her brattish ways remind one of Kangana Ranaut from TANU WEDS MANU series. Also the plot where the third person benefits in the fight of two is something we have already seen before. So it has to be seen in what novel way this film presents its story to the audience.

Till then enjoy this fun filled trailer: