Trailer: Tom Hardy’s portrayal of Venom is spine chilling

The trailer for the Tom Hardy starrer VENOM was released today and we see the anti-hero in action for the first time. Venom is one of the most iconic villains of Spiderman having faced him and bested him a number of times.

Tom Hardy plays the character of Eddie Brock who is a journalist by profession and confronts with Riz Ahmed’s character about the experiments he is performing. We see him while trying to uncover the story he gets infected with the symbiote and transforms into the Venom.

We see him talking to his conscience that is the Venom in the trailer and it also given him superhuman strength and agility while almost being unstoppable.
There is also an over the top bike stunt scene in the trailer but that’s what Venom is all about defying the odds and making the impossible feat look easy.

In the comic books and the cartoon series, Venom overpowers Spiderman and is with great difficulty defeated by him with his only weakness being sounds and vibrations.

The look of the film in the trailer looks great with the ending dialogue giving goosebumps when Tom Hardy and the symbiote together saying “We are Venom.”

Directed by Reuben Fleischer and Produced by Sony Pictures and Columbia Pictures.

VENOM is scheduled to release in October 2019.