TRAPPED first trailer: 8 questions that we want the makers to answer

TRAPPED first trailer: 8 questions that we want the makers to answer news

The trailer of Vikramaditya Motwane’s highly anticipated TRAPPED starring Raj Kummar Rao is out finally. In the trailer we see Shaurya (Raj Kummar) in an almost empty apartment about to leave the place. Once out, he rushes back to take his phone which he had left in the apartment. While doing so he forgets the key in the latch.

On the phone we hear him talking to a woman who is apparently miffed with him for being late as she has to leave for the station. Unfortunately when he is about to step out of the house for the second time he gets locked and the key is left out.

Later Shaurya tries everything possible to get out of the locked flat. He calls out for help, tries to break the door, lit fire to the window grill to attract attention but nobody comes to his rescue.

Most horrifying thing was that he didn’t even have food, water and electricity to survive in that ‘Trapped’ apartment. Shaurya though tries his best to get out and he is also adamant of not dying there but unfortunately there comes a point where it seems like he gives up his fight for survival.

Without a doubt the trailer is very gripping and Raj Kummar once again showcases his prolific acting skills. However the trailer left us with few questions whose answer we are pretty sure the makers must be having as they must have done their homework before making a film on such a grave situation.

Following are the questions that we want the makers to answer:
1) Since he had a phone why didn’t he call anyone for help?
2) At the start of the trailer there was electricity then why it wasn’t there later?
3) If this wasn't enough, then how come water was also cut off?
4) Why didn’t his female friend/girlfriend get back to him?
5) Wasn’t anybody from his family concerned about him?
6) Since it was a wooden door, why didn’t he burn it up?
7) How come the watchman or anyone else was not able to hear his cry for help?
8) High rise apartments in a metropolitan city are euipped with intercoms, how come it wasn't available in this flat?

Hopefully the movie answers all these questions with a logical reasoning or else it will be a huge disappointment.

The film will hit the silver screen on March 17.

Till then watch the TRAPPED trailer here: