TRRP has a reality show angle woven in

Download Tara Rum Pum WallpapersSo far India has seen only one film with an element of a reality show built into it - little known HUM DUM that marked the debut of Anjana Sukhani.

A few years since the release of HUM DUM, Yash Raj Films has set a bigger stage for the game show to be interspersed with the lives of the lead protagonists in their upcoming venture TA RA RUM PUM. Starring Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukherjee as the screen couple blessed with two delightful kids, TRRP directed by Siddharth Anand tells the tale of their survival amidst all the adversities.

In the film there arrives a juncture when the family has a journey down from riches to the rags and are forced to survive with minimal resources available.

In an attempt to hide the truth from their small children and live on life with hopes and pleasant moments, Saif and Rani create a fake world of a reality show for their children that involves living in poor conditions and still survive the challenges that come due to it.

Oblivious of truth, the children are more than a game (pun intended) to join the struggle and together the family comes out as a winner!