TUBELIGHT V/S BHAIYYAJI SUPERHIT: Sunny Deol dares where SRK scares

TUBELIGHT V/S BHAIYYAJI SUPERHIT: Sunny Deol dares where SRK scares news
Vishal Verma By Vishal Verma | 13 Apr 2017 12:33:47.9930000 IST

The RAEES Shah Rukh Khan lacked the guts to stand against the SULTAN Salman Khan. But when it comes to the trendsetting muscleman Sunny Deol who essayed his legacy in Bollywood action heroes by reinventing them with his ‘dhai kilo ka haath’, things are different.


In an unprecedented turn around the erstwhile safe Eid haven for Salman Khan is challenged by the senior macho man Sunny Deol who surprisingly is admired by Salman (the macho Khan respect for Sunny’s father Dharmendra is well known). According to reports, the makers of the long waited Sunny Deol starrer BHAIYYAJI SUPERHIT are planning to release their film this Eid inviting a clash with Salman Khan’s highly awaited TUBELIGHT.

According to reports, the producer of BHAIYYAJI SUPERHIT Mahindra Dhariwal has been quoted appearing confident about BHAIYYAJI SUPERHIT. Knowing very well about the clout of Salman Khan at the box office especially during Eid, the producer is reportedly optimistic and hopes the festive weekend will work for both the movies.

We don’t know about the number of screens the makers of TUBELIGHT are targeting but Dhariwal is okay with an acceptable reduced screen count reports suggest.

Interestingly Sunny Paaji’s previous clashes with Salman’s friend and admirer Aamir Khan has worked wonders for both. Starting with Aamir Khan's DIL against Sunny Deol's GHAYAL in 1990, followed by Aamir’s first true blue all India blockbuster (the biggest of his career at that time) RAJA HINDUSTANI and Sunny Deol's GHATAK coming close in November 1996 and last but not the least the 2001 clash between Aamir Khan’s debut as producer LAGAAN and Sunny Deol’s GADAR: EK PREM KATHA wrote history for both in different books. LAGAAN reached the final stages of Oscars while GADAR wrote pages after pages of history in Bollywood’s box office.

So who will win - Sunny Deol’s ‘dhai kilo ka haath’ or Dabangg Khan Salman Khan? Or Sunny Paaji v/s Salman Khan will repeat the same story of glory shared previously between Sunny and Aamir? Only time (read this Eid) will tell.