Tusshar Kapoor: I don't think Ekta Kapoor would take me for her horror films

Tusshar Kapoor: I don't think Ekta Kapoor would take me for her horror films news
Shaheen Irani By Shaheen Irani | 21 Jan 2016 18:14:14.7100000 IST
MUJHE KUCH KEHNA HAI. This ‘Kool’ man does GOLMAAL with a silencer and these days is known for THE DIRTY PICTURE. Infact, we interviewed him for his upcoming film KYAA KOOL HAI HUM 3, where he also spoke about why he isn’t promoting his next release MASTIZAADE. By now you would know that we are talking about Tusshar Kapoor. So check out the interesting things he told us in the interview…


How have you tried to up this than your previous sex comedies in terms of performance?
I did the same things that I do for every films. I think this time the character is similar to the earlier KYAA KOOL HAI HUM. He is still not so innocent, simple, looking for true love. First part mein pandit usko bolta hai jo ladki ke dil pe til hoga woh tumhari hogi (the girl who has a black mark besides her heart, will be yours) then second part mein ‘sss’ se uska naam shuru hoga(her name would start from sss). Here also he is looking for a soul mate and he believes that he will find his soul mate and then he lands himself in the porn industry. So the character is the same but he is going through many more changes where the story is taking him. So he is going through a lot of weird and more and more crazy situations. So I think the film itself has reloaded itself from the earlier two parts and it’s like a much more bolder concepts. So that in itself creates lot of opportunity to do more things. One thing special about this character is; comparatively from its earlier parts he is a little disabled in the sense that when he sees a girl with anything red on her like he gets disabled with his eye. So that also I had to maintain in the film and it was very straining for my eyes.

You spoke about your character who is in search of his soul mate, so when is Tusshar in real life going to get his soul mate?
Please find me some one. I am still looking for my soul mate but till then I am happy working with Mandana Karimi and Sunny Leone.

'I think KYAA KOOL HAI HUM 3 has reloaded itself from the earlier two parts'

But for how longer you have planned to stay single?
I don’t know. Bhagwan likhta hai hamari destiny (God writes our destiny). But I want to find a soul mate, I want to get married and also because I want to have kids so that’s really there. It’s like der se ho magar durust ho (better late than never).

What type of qualities do you want in your soul mate?
I have never really ever fallen in love with somebody based on qualities. You never know sometimes something just clicks, something attractive, enduring, cute, emotional, it’s a mix the package is out of the mix. Looks don’t matter to me - it’s more like something has to be attractive. At times the person is okay at first and then you get attracted to something about the way she talks or whatever. So, I don’t have any definition of what is the ideal soul mate.

So you are ready for a soul mate?
Yes, of course I am. Who isn’t? I am in my late 30’s but I am sure even in early years also when we were all young we are always looking for a soul mate whether we wanna have fun or not we always looking for true love. That will never go away.

Tell us more about the challenges you faced while shooting?
It’s all serious business. There are so many get ups in this film. Then when you come on the set, you have read the script, you are used to the jokes, you lived it, you don’t really react to it like an audience. You attempt it like an actor, you try to internalize it and try to get it as natural as possible and put in as much energy as possible. So that becomes the main aim on set and what you see from the outside that takes a back seat. It becomes behind the scenes then. So it’s all about getting it perfect and getting it right. These things don’t matter. Yeh bolna hai woh bolna hai. Woh toh pata hai ki yeh bolna hai par kaise bolenge, kya woh sahi lagega, sur kya hai film ka - those things become important.

You said that the movie is for all age groups. So what made you say that?
At the college event, I said it’s an adult film and a film for all age groups – meaning the adult audience of all age groups. My quote was again twisted and I want to say it’s not for kids. I said though it’s an adult film, it’s for all age groups. So I wasn’t contradicting myself.



You are working in similar genres. So is that a conscious effort?
Not at all a conscious effort because MASTIZAADE was to release last year - before KYAA KOOL HAI HUM 3. It was actually a delay in the process of time. KYAA KOOL HAI HUM 3 got censored, then MASTIZAADE got censored. It’s not in my hands. Producers and distributors are responsible for this. There would’ve been a bigger gap, but who knows if this is for the better? If one movie works, then another could just do equally well. It could become the season of adult comedies. I’m not comfortable with such close proximity but I hope it works out. When I did GOLMAAL, people said I only do movies like GOLMAAL, romantic hero. So now that adult comedies are coming, there’s cementing. People assume you have certain image. But no. It so happened that in 2014 I said yes to this film. KYAA KOOL franchise was definitely happening, but I didn’t plan anything related to MASTIZAADE. That just happened.

Any genre you’d like to experiment with?
I’d love to do horror.

Ekta Kapoor horror?
No. I don’t think she takes me for her horror films. I think she only want me in KYAA KOOL and all. I would love to do a horror like PHOONK or BHOOT or CONJURING.

'I can’t tell KYAA KOOL HAI HUM 3 makers to stop because I’ll give preference to MASTIZAADE'

How different is this role from MASTIZAADE?
In MASTIZAADE, I play a very haraami character. He’s a sex addict. There’s no innocence in the character there. Of course, there also he falls in love and finds his soulmate and he’s even trying to change his soulmate. She’s turned out to be even bolder than Laila and Lele. Here, this guy is looking for a soulmate, finds her, but is a simpleton throughout. So there’s no transformation here of the character. MASTIZAADE is a mastikhor character, while KYAA KOOL HAI HUM is like part 1 and part 2.

How easy or difficult was it to get Ekta Kapoor for the project? And did she know MASTIZAADE was also releasing around the same time?
She only gave words to KYAA KOOL HAI HUM in 2005. No, MASTIZAADE finished before KYAA KOOL HAI HUM. MASTIZAADE took my dates first so I told Ekta that she could start KYAA KOOL HAI HUM in January 2015 because I had MASTIZAADE then (in 2014). After that, I think it was because of the censors that delay happened.

And if reports are to be believed then Tusshar is giving preference to KYAA KOOL HAI HUM because it is a home production?
I can’t do much about the reports, but they didn’t realize that I gave preference to MASTIZAADE to finish the film. It was supposed to come in August 2015, then it got censored and could be released within another 4-5 months. But in such a situation, as an actor, if the dates are announced then I’ll give my date to whoever takes it first. MASTIZAADE took my dates to shoot so I completed that. If for the release and promotions, KYAA KOOL HAI HUM took my dates earlier, what can I do? I can’t say you stop because I’ll give preference to the other movie. Just because it’s a home production, I can’t do favouritism with them but I can’t even tell my home production to postpone it because that would be clashing with MASTIZAADE.

So what’s next in the pipeline for you?
There’s a film I’ve signed which is called CHICAGO JUNCTION directed by Kabir Kaushik and isn’t going to start now. I think it’ll start in Feb or March. It’s a dark, rural based, period film of the 70s.