Here is how your favourite TV actors are celebrating Lohri this year!

Television celebs

Mohammad Nazim
Lohri is the festival of Punjab. But now it is celebrated all over India due to the diversification of people. When I was a kid, we used to gather along with our friends and family, around a bonfire. We used to do Bhangda all night and click photos. It feels good sitting around the bonfire with your loved ones. The food, sweets and especially groundnuts are what makes Lohri special and different. Lohri in Mumbai is different from Lohri in Punjab. I miss all the fun in Punjab, but my work is in Mumbai so I don't mind celebrating here.

Shivin Narang
This time I may be celebrating Lohri with my family. I will also celebrate it on the set of my show, Internet Wala Love. We have a very major Lohri sequence also coming in the show. I have so many memories of celebrating Lohri with loved and dear ones. It used to be celebrated with much pomp and show in Delhi. I remember collecting wood and other utensils for the ceremony. Everyone would sit together and do pooja, eat revadi and mungfali till late in the night. It is great fun celebrating it with friends, family, and neighbours.

Tarun Khurana
Lohri is a very special festival for Punjabis. Celebrating Lohri is a different, fun and a unique experience altogether. Eating gajak, revri and phulle around the bonfire is the most amazing part. Dancing on dhol with family, playing games and eating Sarso ka Saag and Makki ki roti are some of the essentials without which Lohri is incomplete for me. I miss celebrating Lohri with family.

Mohit Malhotra
Lohri is very special for me as it’s one of the prominent festivals for Punjabis. In our building, we have a lot of Punjabis and we all celebrate along with our families. We burn the wood, light the bonfire, dance around it, do some Bhangra and have a big blast. We also eat revadi and phulle while enjoying the bonfire. The festival is all about enjoying and celebrating with near and dear ones. 

Ssharad Malhotra
I will be celebrating Lohri at my cousin's house as they have a beautiful open space right next to the beach. Punjabi songs, some bhangra, lots of Punjabi food and a complete Punjabi festive vibe will be at its peak. This is how I am going to celebrate Lohri this year.

Talking about memories, Lohri has always been amazing. My most favourite part is to dance and celebrate with family and friends. 

Jasmin Bhasin
Lohri is the festival which I wait for every year. I love the food, the celebration and the dance which is at its peak in Lohri. We also have a bonfire and binge on phulle, revadi, and Sarson Da Saag and Makke Di rotti. 

Talking about memories, I would say that the chilly atmosphere of Rajasthan at the time of Lohri has always added to the charm of the festival and always made it an amazing and memorable one. So masti, dance, eating and enjoying are the indispensable parts of Lohri.


Gurucharan Singh
Lohri has always been an amazing festival for me. I, with my family, pray to god for our well-being every year. Talking about celebrations, we do our authentic dance, Bhangra, then we light a bonfire and eat Phulle and Teel Ke Ladoo. Food, dance and celebrations are what makes my Lohri complete. This festival brings joy and happiness in all our lives. I also think that Punjab has its own charm and Lohri in Punjab is the best. 

Shehzad Deol
Every year, I celebrate Lohri with my parents and will be doing the same this year too. Lohri has a totally different feel, we play Lohri songs , do bhangra and even have my favorite Makke di roti and Sarso da saag. My fondest memory of Lohri is sitting around the bonfire with my family and friends. We used to have gajak,  revri and phulle. This is what makes Lohri one of my favourite festivals.

Himanshu Malhotra
So Lohri, over a period of time has actually lost momentum here in Mumbai. In Delhi, Lohri used to be big and all my friends used to gather. We used to chill out and enjoy and have a good time. We used to burn the Lohri and sit around it. In Punjab, it's even better. I think it's fantastic. My cousins keep calling me us but unfortunately this year also I am shooting so I won't be able to go. I have not celebrated Lohri for a long time and I would love to celebrate well but it unfortunately has lost importance in a city like Mumbai.  My special memories of Lohri has been from my time in Ludhiana with my cousin after his wedding. This  was almost seven - eight years ago. I had a ball of a time as all his friends and everyone were doing Bhangra on Punjabi music and eating goodies and we had this bonfire and amazing music. I think it was one of my best Lohris ever.