TV actors feel the need to get their names on the shows

Television celebs

Actor Shashank Vyas has recently raised the issue of how actors’ names should be included in the credits of their shows. This is what other TV actors need to say about this.

Krishna Bhardwaj:
I have no issues with my name not part of the credentials. We live in the Internet world where every fact and figure is available. We are actors and we always are seen on screen. Credentials require the names of people working off the screen like directors, editors, cameramen, setting, makeup, spot and so on. It's them who need more credits than us actors. So, I don't feel it's important to have actors’ names in the credits. People can find out actors’ names on the Internet.

Adaa Khan:
Actors are a very important part of any show. We give our 100 percent work for nearly 12-14 hrs a day. We dedicate ourselves fully to the show we are doing. Our names should definitely be there in the credits. People should not only know us by the characters we play but also our real names. I hope it happens soon.

Tinaa Dattaa 
Name and fame is part of our entertainment career. People recognize you because of your characters. But surely everyone wants to be recognized by their name too. My shows have been hit and UTTARAN ran for many years so people recognize me by name. But like Bollywood, every actor’s name should appear in the credits.

Ira Sone
In my opinion, your body of work speaks for oneself. In a world of technology, fans will find you and media will know you. One becomes famous if he or she has to, by default, based on talent. But if names come definitely, it will be good as in films also we see every actor’s name.

Sahil Khattar 
I feel Shashank Vyas has raised a perfect issue when it comes to naming credits in a TV show, especially at the start of the TV show or at the end of it. It happens in films and digital as well sometimes…in digital, it happens that they give their social media handle, so there is some amount of credit given. But when it comes to TV, I feel it’s like every other day for an employee, as in you give your ideas to your boss and he gives it to someone above him. So it’s very important to give credit to everyone who works hard. Many people come here in Mumbai, leaving their homes and finally when they get work and then the credits are not given to them. It feels really bad, so when it comes to giving credit, I feel each and everyone should be given credit for their hard work.

Jason Shah
Shakespeare had said, What's in a name?’ and we all know this quote because his name was written along with it. Everyone wants to be known by their name, be it a celebrity or a non-celebrity. I surely feel the star cast’s name should be used in the credit titles.

Jasmin Bhasin 
The TV industry is huge with a variety of shows and channels, which don't want to be recognized by his or her name. Luckily, people know me by my name for the kind of work I have done. My journey is on the right progress path but everyone doesn't get so many opportunities. We are seen on TV daily, so why is it that our name shouldn't be put in the credit.

Arjun Bijlani 
I agree with Shashank's viewpoint. Actors work daily for a daily soap and it is a simple basic acknowledgement of one’s talent and work. In Bollywood also, credits are always mentioned either at the beginning or at the end. The TV industry should also do the same.

Khalid Siddiqui 
When everyone is given credit for their work, I think even actors should get their dues, since everyone is getting their due, right from the sound recordist to the editor, director. Everyone's name is in the credit list. So, I feel actors should also be given credit. Ideally, the name of the actor should be there. I don't know why is it not there and I never even tried to ask anyone about it.