TV heartthrob Karanvir Bohra's miraculous escape from death

TV heartthrob Karanvir Bohra's miraculous escape from death news
Vishal Verma By Vishal Verma | 09 Mar 2017 10:08:44.0230000 IST

TV heartthrob Karanvir Bohra had a miraculous escape from death a day before at morning 7:00 a.m. while on his way to Bhuj to shoot a song for his upcoming film HUME TUMSE PYAAR KITNA.


The Nagin 2 actor was accompanied by his co-star Priya Banerjee and his sister Meenakshi.

Sharing the incident Karanvir said, “With the grace of God there are no injuries except for a slight back pain due to the sudden jerk. A speeding truck was coming from the wrong side and we managed to swerve to the right on to the pavement in an attempt to avoid the truck and hit a lamppost. The speed of the car was roughly 90-95 kms/hr, as I had asked my driver to not drive above 100kms/hr. Maybe for 50 meters we kept driving on the pavement. The car is completely smashed and it's a miracle we survived. We were actually going to shoot just the title track of the movie and that is all that is left for the film to complete.”

We reported earlier that Karanvir Bohra is set to produce and star in a film inspired from the love affair of former India's Prime Minister, late Rajiv Gandhi and wife Sonia. It’s now titled HUME TUMSE PYAAR KITNA and the shoot is almost complete with just the title track to add. Luckily Karan, Priya and Meenakshi escaped with just minor injuries. Karanvir had cancelled the scheduled shoot and returned to Mumbai. He plans on resuming his shoot from the next week.