Twinkle Khanna: Initiatives like Breaking Barriers are truly applaud worthy

The preview of Breaking Barriers was a star studded affair. Breaking Barriers is a charitable art exhibition wherein 30 leading Indian artists are uniting to create horse sculptures and all proceeds will go to 2 charities doing some amazing work, namely Khelshala and Passages. The show has been curated by Tarana Khubchandani, Director of Gallery Art and Soul and Passages.

Parizad Kolah Marshall stunned in a pink attire and was a fine host of the evening. The special guest of the evening who inaugurated the show was none other than Mrs Funnybones, Twinkle Khanna. Also present at the event in their finest best were Manisha Koirala, Rahul Bose, Sheetal Mafatlal, Nayntara Thacker, Shobhaa De, Aditya and Avantikka Kilachand, Superna Motwane, Alea Motwane, Penny Patel, Deanne Pandey, Arti and Kailash Surendranath, Madhoo Shah, Mana Shetty and many more. Also, the artist community who have created these beautiful sculptures were all present namely Sujata Bajaj with her daughter Helena, Arzan Khambatta, the sculptor behind all the horses, Jaideep and Seema Mehrotra, Brinda Miller to name a few.

This fund raising art exhibit is the brainchild of NGO Khelshala (a sports based NGO founded by Satinder Bajwa, who believed that sports like squash and tennis were not relegated only to the elite and has strived to change that equation since 2009. This institute now provides sports, yoga, nutrition in a holistic manner to 80 children who have been pulled in off the roads and onto the courts) and Passages (a mumbai based NGO has been striving in a quiet way to help women with Breast Cancer, amongst several other issues eg emotional health, domestic violence, legal rights, parenting issues, drug abuse, to name a few).

Speaking at the event, Twinkle Khanna said that, "Initiatives like Breaking Barriers are truly applaud worthy. I say this because they use the platform of Art in order to raise funds for NGOs like Passages and Khelshala. Both organisations are doing some great work be it in the sports space wherein Khelshala's motto 'off the streets and into the courts,' is so simple and yet its the need of the hour when it comes to children. And Passages that is helping women with Breast Cancer, amongst several other issues. To see the work that Satinder Bajwa, the founder of Khelshala has been doing for the past few years is inspiring. It is my honour to be present here, I believe that everyone who can help, should help. The art works created by some of India's leading artists are stunning, it is great to know that there are people who are curating such noble initiatives."

Tarana Khubchandani, Director of Gallery Art and Soul and Passages said that, "I thank everyone for being here and also our special guest, Twinkle Khanna. When I heard about the story of Satinder Bajwa, I knew we had to do something to raise funds. 

All in all, an event with he'art'!

Thank you so much to Arzan for creating these sculptures, to Sujata Bajaj for flying down from Paris and creating the work in 7 days and everyone who has made these stunning horses, we cannot thank you enough!\"

When I would feel awkward approaching them, they would all tell me, tell us what you want and it will be done as we believe in the cause. 

And ofcourse, there is Passages, our NGO for Breast Cancer Awareness which is at the grassroot level wherein we raise funds for chemotherapy, radiation, awareness programs, counselling for women with breast cancer. My heartfelt thank you is to the entire art community. 

It is a story that inspired me, and everyone associated with Breaking Barriers to put this together.

Here is a man who has given up his career at the pinnacle of success as the coach at Harvard University, come to Chandigarh and set up a holistic sports centre which highlights that games like squash and tennis are not restricted to the elite.