Twinkle Khanna is obsessed with Kattappa !!??

Twinkle Khanna is obsessed with Kattappa !!?? news
Pooja Sharma By Pooja Sharma | 15 May 2017 13:08:29.8600000 IST

Even after 3 weeks post its release the BAAHUBALI fever doesn’t seems to subside anytime soon.

The film is destroying previously set records at Box-office and is setting new bench mark for other films to follow.

So when the entire nation is reeling with BAAHUBALI fever then how can our Mrs. Funnybones be left behind? However Twinkle Khanna is obsessing over Kattappa and not Prabhas.

So much is Twinkle fascinated by Kattappa that she has started calling her daughter Nitara as ‘Kattappa’ much to Akshay’s dislike. The actress took to a micro-blogging site to praise BAAHUBALI as she wrote, “Saw Baahubali & I've been calling my daughter Kattappa much to her dad's annoyance-Perhaps he would prefer her being called Rowdy instead :)”

Read her post here:

About her fascination with the character of Kattappa, Twinkle wrote, “All right perhaps I am a bit obsessed- but try it- say Kattappa 3 times and you won't be able to stop- it's like eating wafers - addictive!”

Seems like it will take some time till this addiction of our Mrs. Funnybones is replaced by some other one. But it is really fascinating that she calls her daughter by that name. This also shows how popular character of Kattappa has become.