Uncut: Ishaan and Malavika caught in candid conversation!

Ishaan and Malavika will be seen debuting with Majid Majidi’s BEYOND THE CLOUDS. As siblings they will be seen donning a very different role as they play siblings in the film, who go through a lot in their childhood and live a very hard life. Shot in real locales of Mumbai protagonists Ishaan and Malavika had a tough time shooting for the film.

Both of the them didn’t expect they would get into this role. In conversation with Ishaan and Malavika as they speak about their film, beyond the cloud experience and more.

On being asked about sharing their experience as working together to which Malavika said, “It was great. We bonded really well. Ishaan has been a fun co-star. We knew the nuances of our character and this is how we bonded like never before.”

When asked if they will be doing anything beyond their expectation or did it to which Ishaan replied, “ While shooting at sea locations at Sewri I had to shoot at extreme conditions and that was something I didn’t thought I would ever do.”

While Malavika said, “I think bagging this role is something that I couldn’t believe I would be doing a Majid Majidi film.”

On being asked how similar are they to their on-screen characters to which Ishaan said, “ I feel a lot for the journey I am portraying on-screen his struggle and I am given a lot to my role, a lot of my inputs, my characteristics are same but the journey is different.”

Malavika said, “ Our backgrounds differ, me and Tara (on-screen name) are different. She has been through a lot, she has certain way of handling things. While I am blessed there isn’t so much struggle but there is a lot to learn from her.”

Lastly when asked how was it facing camera the very first time, Malvika said, “ I wasn’t even aware I would be doing, It so happened that I was just standing there and Ishaan just said, ‘Hey Sis’, and then I was like, oh wow! may be this is the signal. we started shooting just after that, it was an intense scene the very first day.”

Furthermore adding to it Ishaan said, “ It was a very heavy scene that we had to shoot, and we started to know each other, so facing the camera wasn’t that tough. Yes, it was sir who had to be impressed as he wants perfection.”

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