Untold fact of Kishore Kumar's hoarse voice

Untold fact of Kishore Kumar's hoarse voice news
Mansoor Khan By Mansoor Khan | 04 Apr 2014 16:07:55.0330000 IST

Kishore Kumar was gifted with a voice that had an amazing range. Like Mohd. Rafi he had the ability to sing a variety of songs. However, the younger generation may be stunned to know that unlike Mohd. Rafi, Kishore Kumar had no formal training in classical music nor he had acquired any training under any music maestro. Yet, he excelled as a singer par excellence which makes Kishore Kumar a singing marvel.


His only Guru was legendary singer K. L. Saigal, whom he imitated from dawn to dusk and dreamt of meeting the singer and become a legend like him. In an interview Ashok Kumar, elder brother of Kishore Kumar said, ''As a child, Kishore had a very hoarse voice. Yet he used to keep practicing Saigal and insisted me to take him to Mumbai and make me a singer like Saigal but I laughed him off due to his hoarse voice.''

He adds, ''However one day a miracle happened. Kishore was playing in the house when he accidentally cut his toe and began crying. He cried for hours! After lot of cajoling by my mother and other family members he stopped crying. But to our surprise the hoarseness in his voice had suddenly vanished. The consequence of his continuous crying was that the hoarseness in his voice suddenly disappeared, giving way to a sweet melodious voice. Later when he sung a Saigal number I was bewildered at his charming voice and assured him to make arrangements for his meeting his idol, Saigal. ''

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However Ashok Kumar lamented, ''Kishore Kumar's wish could not be fulfilled because a year after he landed in Mumbai, Saigal Sahab migrated to his home town and expired. However, Kishore's other dream of a singer was answered by Almighty!''

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