Untold tale about the phenomena called 'Rajesh Khanna' and the coining of the term 'Superstar'

Untold tale about the phenomena called 'Rajesh Khanna' and the coining of the term 'Superstar' news
Mansoor Khan By Mansoor Khan | 12 Aug 2013 12:48:37.1370000 IST

On Saturday Bollywood's legendary actor Rajesh Khanna's statue was unveiled at Bandra Bandstand in Mumbai amidst a galaxy of cine stars. Brain child of UTV Entertainment Channel, many more statues of yesteryear legends like Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand, Yash Chopra and Shammi Kapoor etc. will adorn the 'Walk of the Stars' in Bandstand Promenade.

On this occasion Glamsham.Com goes nostalgic and shares an interesting untold tale about the phenomena called 'Rajesh Khanna' and the coining of the term 'Superstar'

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Rajesh Khanna, who passed away last year, is in the history of Indian Cinema the lone star to generate a kind of hysteria no star had earlier generated! It is reported that during his peak, boys imitated his style from his hair cut to his trendy kurta. Girls would write his name in blood. What's more, a glimpse of his car parked nearby and within seconds it would be stained with multicolored lipstick marks all over it!

Believe it or not, film buffs were so crazy for his glimpse that filmmakers didn't dare shoot with him in daytime, particularly on outdoor locations fearing his fanatic fans. Instead, they would shoot after midnight in the calmness of the wee hours! Confirming this statement filmmaker Shakti Samanta narrates a bitter experience that he underwent during the making of AMAR PREM.

Samanta said, ''I had planned to shoot the romantic song, 'Chingari koyi bhadke...' on the eye catching location of Howrah Bridge in Kolkata. However as luck would have it, the news leaked out that Rajesh Khanna is coming to Kolkata and to my horror, at the airport, I witnessed a sea of crowd anxiously waiting for their beloved superstar! After battling Khanna fans, we somehow managed to reach our hotel. Outside the hotel too, a mammoth crowd gathered to have a 'dekho' of their heart-throb. Looking at the mob, I pictured them coming to the actual shoot. It sent a chill down my spine and I immediately decided to cancel the shoot and packed my bags to Mumbai. Later, in the comfort of the Mehboob studio, I recreated the Howrah Bridge set and got the song picturised.''

That was the magnetism of the phenomena called 'Rajesh Khanna', who was bestowed with the unique title of 'Superstar'. Do you know who coined this title for Khanna? Well, it was the eminent journalist Devyani Chaubal of 'Star and Style' film magazine, who first used the term gauging the gigantic popularity of Rajesh Khanna.