Valentine Humour: Love cupid observations on Bollywood romance

Valentine Humour: Love cupid observations on Bollywood romance news
Vishal Verma By Vishal Verma | 14 Feb 2017 10:55:44.5170000 IST

Packed with all his bows and arrows, Love Cupid on Valentine’s Day today decided to take his flight to Bollywood with his partner to see how love fired from his arrows and the one shown in films work in reality. The ‘reality’ check done by the God of Love on the occasion of Valentine’s Day has come up with some funny observations and this is how it all began.

In love with Bollywood movies and awed by fairytales, the two cupid couples decide to enter Mumbai via Arabian Sea posing as a mermaid and get flabbergasted by seeing the charming image of our King Of Romance - Shah Rukh Khan in a huge hoarding at Worli Sea Link. Getting immediately back into action and in order to fire maximum arrows, the cupid land over the crowded local train station nearby and start firing their arrows on the probable Raj and Simrans of tomorrow. But it's peak hours dude, a love struck Raj fails to see his Simran ‘palting’ (turning her head back) to see him as she has to catch her train. That world famous, “agar who tujhse pyaar karti hai toh who paltegi’ from SRK and Kajol starrer DDLJ doesn't seem to be happening in reality. The perturbed and confused cupids discuss what is really happening in this world in the name of love.

Cupid 1: Do ‘Simran’ don't bother to turn nowadays. The ‘palting’ funda is out of dhanda yaar in the zest of kaam dhanda my love.

Cupid 2
: No Darling. Those Simrans who have nothing else to do or don't really need to do anything to earn their living, I mean the well off RAEES types do turn back, the rest even if they are love horned by us are overpowered by the evils of survival. Love conquers all only in books my darling.

Cupid 1 : Damn it. Losing on this auspicious day is suicidal. SRK, Karan Johar, Imtiaz Ali and co should talk of reality in love. Everybody has the right to love; it was never a property of RAEES and the affluent class which is shown in Bollywood’s candy gloss for long.

Cupid 2
: So true my beloved. That’s the reason I love you so much. Yeah this is a bit exaggerated and overrated. I have found better examples of love in reels and in reality in this world of Bollywood but sadly they are either wrongly stereotyped or ignored.

Cupid 1 : Sugar, prove your point with examples

Cupid 2
: Darling this is India. Before the phenomenon called SRK, we had the evergreen Dev Anand, thespian Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor, continuously celebrating love in their films. Bollywood’s first superstar
Rajesh Khanna has enjoyed a sensation amongst women that is still unbeaten; SRK has even adapted Rajesh Khanna’s trademark mannerism in his on screen romanticism. The famous tilted nod that is similar to Rajesh Khanna’s trademark tilted shake/nod of face, we have seen in songs and during the end of his dialogue deliveries are similar re… remember. Has B- town SINGHAM - Ajay Devgn never fallen in love?. He has and is so happy with Kajol, Indian lovers are like Suniel Shetty’s famous character Dev from DHADKAN who say “ Main tumhe bhool jaon yeh ho nahi sakta ... aur tum mujhe bhool jao yeh main hone nahi doonga”. This is the ‘action’ packed love of an Indian meri jaan.

Cupid 1: Got it Jaaneman.

Cupid 2
: love, am still not done yet.

Cupid 1: seduce me my love, seduce me with your gyan (knowledge).

Cupid 2
: See the story of Akshay Kumar, he was a playboy before Twinkle came in his life and he turned completely committed. You know what, the recent change in Akshay’s choice of films are due to

Twinkle’s warning. She asked him to do better films if he wants to be a father again; she has reportedly said this in an interview and look how wonderfully Akshay Kumar is doing. Yeh pyaaar nahi or kya hai, nobody talks about this commitment. An Indian lover is committed like Dhanush in RAANJHANAA, committed since childhood, cutting wrist, taking risk, sweeping floors turning an activist only for love and then dying in arms of her beloved. Yaara yeh hai asli desi ishq, that’s the reason RAANJHANAA was a hit. And by the way, have you seen Big B’s romantic songs in KABHI, KABHIE, SILSILA, its unbeatable but Mr. Bachchan is labeled as an angry young man. During that time Dharmendra changed his religion to marry Hema Malini, but he is labeled as Bollywood’s first ‘He Man’ who is nothing but a blood sucking Dracula who says, “kameene mein tera khoon pee jaoonga’, how disgusting is this. You exaggerate the idea of love and then wrongly stereotype those who can easily be the icon of Hindustani love.

Cupid 1: Point taken my love. But SRK is happily married to Gauri. You know that. SRK, Gauri are the icon of love, commitment, family and togetherness.

Cupid 2
: PHILLAURI, In India even ghosts, trees have their love story, now beat this.

(The above write up is a figment of imagination of the author; the website does not hold any responsibility)