Valentine’s Day special: 14 films when the girl made the first move

Love is a wonderful feeling and blessed is the soul who has found their true love. February is the month of love and everyone is gearing up to celebrate the most awaited Valentine’s Day with their loved ones. Boys are going out of their way to plan a romantic date with the girls they are attracted to, while girls are secretly wishing for their men to make the first move.


While there are several articles or sites providing great tips to guys regarding how to approach the girls or ask them out have you ever wondered why it is always the guy who has to ask out. Why can’t a girl do the same?


The other question arises is that why are men supposed to make the first move when it comes to expressing love or sexual desires? When will they get a freedom from these stereotypical roles?


Well if you are wondering how it is possible or in what way a girl can approach a guy then here we bring you 14 Hindi films where the heroine took the initiative and successfully made the first move. Have a look and yeah you can thank us later:



Remember the scene where Padmini walks up to Anil Kapoor’s house at midnight and then she openly flirts with shy Anil who is trying hard to keep her at bay. Padmini’s naughtiness and innocence with which she flirts with Anil is the best part about this film. So girls take a leaf out of Padmini’s book and go ahead make the first move uninhibitedly.

Rashmi (Juhi) intentionally keeps getting lost in the forest just so that she gets more time to spend with Raj (Aamir). She tries every trick in the book so that she gets closer to Raj and eventually their love blossoms as she finds out Raj loves her too.

Remember the song ‘Mere Sang’? In that song it was Katrina who gets down on her knees to propose marriage to John who happily accepts.

If it not had been for Kareena’s gusty move of running away from her own marriage and planting a kiss on Aamir’s lips then probably they would have never ended up together.

Yeah you read it right; CHENNAI EXPRESS is perhaps the first film of King of romance Shah Rukh Khan where the girl makes a move on him. In this film it was Deepika who confesses her love first.

Two besties, roommates, colleagues – Aisha (Konkana) and Ranbir (Sid) learn to embrace each other the way they are but it was Konkana who pens down her feelings in her article and the ‘idiot’ Ranbir realizes that he is in love with her after reading it.

Nerdy girl Naina (Deepika) falls for Bunny a.k.a (Ranbir) and it was she who pours out her heart first and later on Bunny realizes that he too loves her.

Despite our hero being a ‘Dabangg’ cop it was the heroine who takes the initiative and approaches the guy without waiting for him to make the move.

Though Aamir and Madhuri despised each other in the first half of the film but later it was when Madhuri kisses him first that they fall for each other.

Though Salman falls for Ayesha at first sight but it was Ayesha who makes the move and then begins their love story.

Salman was in love with Katrina but Sushmita had given her heart to Salman and she confesses it too and eventually wins him too.

Though what Urmila does in this film is totally unacceptable but at least she doesn’t shy away from expressing her feelings openly.

So girls what’s stopping you? Shed your inhibitions and go ahead make the first move, after all why should boys have all the fun?

‘Is Deewane Ladke Ko’ can be the anthem of all those girls out there who have fallen in love with a shy guy, the way Sonali Bendre had fallen for Aamir Khan. Sonali never gives up as she knew Aamir likes her too.

It was Nandini (Karisma) who tricks the naïve Rama (Daggubati Venkatesh) into marrying her. Though this act of tricking was only done because Rama was too naïve to even know what love is and Nandini had fallen for him.