Van Damme in a Bollywood flick?

What do you know! Hollywood star Jean Claude Van Damme may now star in a Bollywood film as the Hindi film industry begins to dazzle the world.

Asad Sikander, a Bulgaria-based businessman, is ready with his Bollywood film "Bullet - On Target". And it is his next project titled "Namaste India" that will have a big Hollywood actor.

According to sources, it might be Jean Claude Van Damme!

Asad is a fourth degree black belt and is an action coordinator for Hollywood films. He has provided action to more than a dozen Hollywood films starring Van Damme, Steven Seagal and others.

"Bullet-On Target" is a spy thriller. The film is very much a Bollywood film made in an international format of filmmaking. It has lots of special effects and new technology.

The film introduces Iqbal Khan, Asad and Asseem Merchant in the male leads. Miss Bulgaria Natalia Kurgova, Rosy Vanarose, Saasha and Saadhika provide the female support.

The film is about international nuclear espionage activity.

Asad's next film "Namaste India" is about ancient martial arts that starts from Kerala and goes to Europe. Let's watch and wait which big Hollywood star sign this film.