'Vande Maataram' shot in New York, features Irishman

Makers of a "Vande Maataram" music video have spiced up the oft remixed Indian national song by shooting in the US, featuring an Irishman and adding some trance to the tune.

The video, "Love & Peace -- Vande Maataram", features television actress Niki Aneja, who replaced anchor Mandira Bedi for the role.

While Niki's part has been shot for in Mumbai, the rest of the video has been filmed in the US. Newcomer Smita Roy croons in the video, set to a trance beat.

The video, which releases on Republic Day Monday, has been shot in the white scenic mountains of New Hampshire, Boston, and has even used children of different nationalities. There is also an Irishman in it.

The video also shows glimpses of the September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York.

"It was a great honour to carry the Indian national flag. When I first heard the track I immediately felt in love with it," Niki told IANS. "The message this song portrays is of international integration. We are all one," she cooed.

But why shoot in the US?

"Because people take the country seriously. Even if electricity goes away there, it becomes big news across the globe. While if we don't get electricity even for two days, no one even bothers.

"Also, we want the world to watch the video, and that's why we shot it in America," said video director Bharat Mehra.

"Visually the video is not that great. Some shots, like one showing a muscular Mahatma Gandhi, look cheesy. We want to change a few images before release," Mehra said.