Varun Dhawan meets a Dumbo

Varun Dhawan

Walt Disney has been a part of our lives since decades and from children to grandpas and grannies, everyone enjoys Disney films, which make everyone happy and joyful! One such character is all set to be reimagined and once again brought onscreen in the shape of Disney's Dumbo releasing on 29th March!

From Disney and visionary director Tim Burton, the all-new grand live-action adventure DUMBO expands on the beloved classic story where differences are celebrated, family is cherished and dreams take flight. The image of DUMBO is an iconic one throughout the world. People instantly know the baby elephant with the big ears. People of all ages love Dumbo the flying elephant. And guess who met the cute baby elephant in Mumbai! None other than superstar Varun Dhawan!

The cute Dumbo was present at a popular theatre in Mumbai and Varun Dhawan was quite excited and happy to pose with the endearing baby elephant!  DUMBO releases tomorrow, on 29th March!