Varun Sharma: I am not like Choocha in real life!

Varun Sharma aka choocha made us ROFL in FUKREY. Post which there was no stopping for him. He was seen in Kapil Sharma’s debut film KIS KISKO PYAR KAROON and his dream-come-true moment was when he shared screen space with Shah Rukh Khan in DILWALE.

Varun is back with his pseudo name choocha with FUKREY RETURNS. In an exclusive candid conversation with the actor he poured his heart out like never before.

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When asked Varun how different is Choocha in FUKREY RETURNS, has he matured or still the same, to which he said, “Choocha is a lil different now, as he has grown a year older and now he can see the future and the fukras get into a bigger mess and his most dependable friend Honey is as always there for him.”

He further went on to say, “We have managed to keep it as real as possible as the boys have just moved a year ahead, so we took care of the detailing, and this time there are many surprises as well in the film.”

Choocha became a household name after FUKREY and people at Varun’s hometown Jalandar address him the same way and is proud of him when asked how similar and different is Varun from Choocha to which Varun replied, “A lot. I am a very introvert when it comes to socializing, I am extrovert with friends and I enjoy being with friends, I have my close knit friends. While choocha goes all out and is overtly outspoken.”

So is comedy only his comfort genre or would he love to explore more? “There are many other genres I would want to explore, but yes comedy is something I love and it’s difficult to put a smile on one’s face. It’s the toughest thing to do. I am living my dream at the moment. BAAZIGAR was the turning point in my mind when I decided to be an actor seeing Shah Rukh Khan and I was lucky enough to work with him at such an early stage.”

Lastly when asked him about his upcoming film to which he added, “I am doing a film with Govinda right after FUKREY RETURNS, it’s also a comedy film.”