Veena Malik dances to win people's support!

Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 25 Jan 2012 18:50:50.9970000 IST

Veena Malik, who has been getting attention from fans all over the world, is all excited for the way the song 'Channo' from GALI GALI CHOR HAI has been appreciated. The song has Veena as the face of a political party. And during the election time Veena's character has to perform to gather votes for the party.

view GALI GALI CHOR HAI stills
view GALI GALI CHOR HAI stills

Veena is not only content about the response but also expressed her fascination for the jewelries that she sported in the song. "I wore a Nathani in the song. Nathani is an ornament in Pakistan and it gives a very beautiful look. So on my request we added and it looks very stunning," says Veena.

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When contacted Nitin Manmohan, he said, "Veena fits best for the item number and we were sure she would do justice to the song."

Hot Veena Malik's item song 'Channo' has been choreographed by Ahmed Khan and sung by Mamta Sharma.