VEERE DI WEDDING: Unfiltered, unabashed, bold & beautiful these Veeras will leave you in splits!

The most awaited VEERE DI WEDDING trailer is here, never seen before girl bonding (like bro bonding) between these 4 girls Kareena, Shikha, Sonam and Kareena will make you fall off your chair.
They are completely opposite from one another, but are friends for life.
Shika is divorcee, Swara has marital Issues, while Kareena doesn’t want to marry and Sonam isn’t getting married.
They are all in different tangents of life and have the best time ever. From being unabashed, to unfiltered conversations to using cuss words they have done all.
Well if you ever wondered what an orgasm is called in Hindi? The first trailer of VEERE DI WEDDING reveals that and much more.
Bold, beautiful and battling things in life the Veera way is what is the crux of the trailer.
Kareena aka Kalindi is all set to tie the knot with her boyfriend, Sumeet Vyas. Produced by Sonam’s sister, Rhea’s VEERE DI WEDDING is expected to be a comedy-drama, melodrama, lesions and loads of g- talk (girl Talk).
We bet you just can’t miss this at any cost. However the film says #Iamnotachickflick but somewhere you can say the film is a chick flick wherein the chicks have their mindset.
Girls! Well you can surely find one of these badass veera in your friend circle too!