C se Crime builds interest with contract killing in its new episode

VICE India Releases 'F se Faraari', Episode 3 of its New Original Crime Series, ‘C Se Crime' - The VICE Guide to Crime in India.

F se Faraari - Hitmen living on the run - An explanation of how the contract killing business works as a cell system, where each person involved in the racket knows only their small role in the larger scheme of things, and only the kingpin knows the whole picture.

Voiced by critically acclaimed actor, Vijay Raaz, Sh Se Shooter takes an in-depth look at how a street thug moves up the ladder in a gang to become an expert shooter, with specific examples and stories of the most notorious shooters from the state of Uttar Pradesh.

The remaining episodes after release over the course of two weeks bringing out different aspects of crime that occur in Uttar Pradesh. The episodes that are yet to release are as follows G Se Gang, Au Se Auzaar and S Se Smuggling.