Video: Karan, Ravi and Kunaal will make you go ROFL!

The cast of 3 DEV Karan Singh Grover, Ravi Dubey, Kunaal Roy Kapur are excited for their film.
As the film talks about reinstating faith in God, the actors also defend saying that the film will not hurt the sentiments of anyone and is not portraying any relationship they are just showing faith in almighty.
In an exclusive conversation with Karan, Kunaal and Ravi, the fun trio crack up like never before and spill some darkest secrets about each other.
Excerpts from the video:
When asked Kunaal and Karan how much do they relate to the role they said.
Kunaal, “We are trying to elaborate on the word undercover bhagwan, it’s about 3 guys who have their journey and what happens in their lives and how they overcome certain obstacles in life.”
Furthermore when asked are they religious in real life to which Karan avers, “I am not religious. I am spiritual although I have too many tatoo’s but still I am more of a spiritual person I have read Bible, Geeta."
While Kunaal said, “I am also not very much religious I have read books and believe in supreme power.”
As the film has been compared to OMG (OH MY GOD) and PK, we asked the protagonists if the film has any resemblance to it, to which Karan said, “No, not at all that was a different film while this one is very different.”
The kickass trio was seen enjoying with each other and you will surely laugh seeing them.
Check out the video below: