Vidhu Vinod Chopra wouldn't back a film unless he was completely sure about it

Vidhu Vinod Chopra is not a businessman; he's a filmmaker who wouldn't back a film unless he was completely sure about it. Says who? Raju Hirani, Chopra's editor of many films and debutant director of the latter's first production, 'Munnabhai MBBS'. We asked Chopra if it was true."Absolutely, when Raju came to me with the script of Munnabhai MBBS, I loved the simplicity of it. Here was a film, which talked of human warmth versus cold medical science. It spoke about human values and how at the end of the day they matter the most than anything else. I would only produce films I completely believed in and there was nothing about Munnabhai that didn't convince me. Hence, the decision to back it. Besides, Raju has edited my films including Mission Kashmir and somewhere he had it in him to direct his own film some day, so I thought why not give him that opportunity."Shah Rukh Khan was to initially play the role of Sanjay Dutt..."That's right. We had designed the film keeping Shah Rukh in mind but he developed health problems, which is when it was only fair that we let him go. He even wrote some scenes for the film for which we will give him credit. Now of course, he's part of my next film. Sanjay was to initially play the role which Jimmy Shergil is playing now, so it was only a matter of a little bit of juggling around my actors. Anyways, I'm only happy that Sanjay did the film because if it was not for him, then we would have probably not got Sunil Duttsaab to play a pivotal role of Sanju's father."On his experience of working with Duttsaab"He brought a certain amount of character and dignity to that role. It's been a wonderful experience to have him in the film as it's for the first time Sanju and he are working together and I'm sure audiences are going to love it." Three reasons why we should watch Munnabhai MBBS"One because it's a happy film that will make you cry. Two because it's a kind of film you will learn to live life from and thirdly because it's an absolute entertainer.