Vidya Balan gets upset with Manish Paul at awards night

Vidya Balan gets upset with Manish Paul at awards night news
img By Ruchita Mishra | 24 Mar 2017 13:01:30.5930000 IST
Zee Cine Awards 2017, the biggest awards night of the year, was a night of dazzling glamour with the crème de la crème of Bollywood gracing the occasion. Famous stars descended on the Red Carpet to celebrate the best of Indian cinema.


Maniesh Paul, along with Bharti, hosted the show and the duo’s witty one liners clubbed with their gift of the gab captivated audiences. An absolute charmer, Maniesh Paul was love struck when the graceful and elegant Neetu Singh stepped on stage to collect the awards on behalf of her husband Rishi Kapoor who bagged two trophies for the Best Actor In Comic Role and the Best Actor In Supporting Role for KAPOOR AND SONS.
Maniesh was mesmerized by Neetu Singh’s aura and could not resist himself from flirting with her.

Neetuji blushing to Maniesh’s antics gave up and said, “You know who my husband and son are right?” Maniesh responded with a tongue-in-cheek remark saying, “That’s a perfect opportunity! Both of them are not here and hence I can flirt with you with all my heart.”


If this just wasn’t enough, Maniesh Paul’s fun and frolic nature with Vidya was also witnessed by B-town.

Beautiful and elegant Vidya Balan playfully took a dig at Maniesh for not flirting with her the entire evening. Maniesh quick on this cue, brought on his charm, and took off with his flirty one liners which were countered by no less witty one liners from the actress.

Vidya spoke about immense talent that Bollywood has and she herself had fun in THE DIRTY PICTURE and she also portrayed the role of a pregnant woman in KAHAANI! Flabbergasted Maniesh asked how Vidya managed to come up with this. Vidya smartly responded saying, “My name itself means knowledge!”

Bang on Vidya Balan!