Vidyadhar Joshi: CHAHTO MI TULA is great combo of Bollywood style with rich content

Vidyadhar Joshi: CHAHTO MI TULA is great combo of Bollywood style with rich content news
Rachana Sheth By Rachana Sheth | 15 Jan 2016 19:12:07.4530000 IST
Vidyadhar Joshi, a reputed name in Marathi industry, has been part of some amazing films. He is better known for his roles in PAK PAK PAKAAK (2005), SOUND OF HEAVEN: The Story of Balgandharva (2011), DOUBLE SEAT and others. And now he is excited for his new release CHAHTO MI TULA, a Bollywood style Marathi romantic film which is presented by Bharat Shah, a well-known film financier and producer of Bollywood.

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“I am very excited about this film. The great thing about this film is it’s presented by Bharat Shah. The film is promoted and packaged well. There has been no compromise on the money. Yes CHAHTO MI TULA is very Bollywoodish in its approach. But Marathi Cinema just doesn’t work on presentation. Marathi Cinema gives importance to content over presentation. And I am happy that CHAHTO MI TULA is great combination of Bollywood style presentation and high on content like Marathi cinema is known for. The makers have given interesting package to the audience,” says Vidyadhar.

He further adds, “Our director Vishal Puwar, who is also the producer, has made a very good film. We have never seen a teeny bopper casting young actors (Meghan Jadhav and Mitila Mirajkar) happening in Marathi Cinema.  We haven’t seen such love stories here. So it’s a very fresh approach. The film is looking very fresh. And that is the USP of the film.” 

Vidyadhar plays a stern father in the film. However, his character doesn’t have grey shades.

“Yes I play a strict father to a teenage girl (played by Mitila Mirajkar). But it’s not negative. He isn’t against his daughter’s happiness but all he wants is, his daughter to first set her career and then think about love. His outlook towards love is different. For him career is important not love,” reveals the actor.

Vidyadhar also praises newbies Meghan Jadhav and Mitila Mirajkar, who play the romantic leads in CHAHTO MI TULA. “Both Meghan and Mitila have done a good job. They are a perfect match in the film and the audience will like that.”  

Talking about the progress in Marathi Cinema, Vidyadhar says on a parting note, “Today, there are different subjects being covered in Marathi and audiences are also accepting it whole-heartedly. They are visiting theatres and spending money to watch a Marathi film, which I think is a great change that Marathi Cinema has undergone. Not only Maharashtrians, but even the non-Marathis are appreciating and lapping up Marathi content.”