Vinay Pathak pairs up with this JAGGA JASOOS actress


Vinay Pathak and Sayani Gupta, two acting powerhouses are coming together for the first time in Axone, a bittersweet comedy produced by Yoodlee Films. The film has an interesting concept that revolves around racism in New Delhi, and the story very subtly captures this.

Vinay, who is known for his comic timing and acting in pictures like CHALLO DILLI, BHEJA FRY SERIES, RAB NE BANA DI JODI, BADLAPUR and GOUR HARI DASTAAN, is coming back to the screen in another comedy movie. Sayani, whose recent body of work has continued to impress, played pivotal roles in critically acclaimed MARGARITA WITH A STRAW, FAN, JOLLY LLB 2 and JAGGA JASOOS.

Siddharth Anand Kumar, from Yoodlee Films had to say, “It is the first time we’re having such an intriguing pair of actors on stage. Sayani has such powerful performances in her belt and Vinay is the undisputed leader of subtle comic timing. The film is hard hitting and I hope the audiences like it.”

The film is written and directed by Nicholas Kharkongor. About such an unusual cast, he had to say,

“Both Vinay and Sayani make distinct impressions when you see their work. I’ve been wanting to work with them, and when I thought of this movie, I could see them in their roles. It feels like the film was made to have them both together.”

Axone is bitter sweet comedy movie set in Delhi that unravels the inherent racism that people have in the city, towards anybody who has slightly different cultural and social backgrounds.

The film is produced by Yoodlee Films who believe in the mantra of fearless filmmaking. Yoodlee Films has stuck to its promise of producing and releasing content-driven films, be it AJJI or KUCHH BHEEGE ALFAAZ in the earlier months or the soon-to-be-released 'ASCHARYAF**KIT', Noblemen and Hamid.