Vivek Dahiya's spirit will boost you up

Vivek Dahiya as Rajwardhan in Qayamat Ki Raat

The dashing actor, Vivek Dahiya who is playing the role of Raj on StarPlus’ Qayamat Ki Raat injured himself during the promo shoot. While indulging in a high-intensity action sequence, the actor was so engrossed to give a perfect shot that he ended up injuring himself badly.

While performing the highly aggressive action sequence, one of the sharp metal props in the hospital set hit him and he ended up injuring his right elbow badly. Bleeding profusely, he was rushed to the hospital, where he got multiple stitches. But that did not stop him from doing his job. After resting it out, he returned to the set to complete his shoot, despite the pain and discomfort.

Vivek says, “I am an actor and this is a part and parcel of my work. It was a very powerful sequence and I my only focus was to ace the scene.” The doctors asked the actor to take it slow and rest for the day. The actor further states, “I came back on the sets from the hospital after taking some painkillers and made sure to complete the sequence despite my injury because no matter what the show must go on.”