Vivek Oberoi goes on a film-signing spree

In Bollywood, age factor decides whether you are hot or you are not. Due to the accident, when Vivek Oberoi lost time for recovery, he decided to make up for it, by signing as many number of films as he can. Having already left Mani Ratnam's Yuva halfway, Vivek signed Boney Kapoor's Kyon...Ho Gaya Na besides Indra Kumar's Masti and the latest is Subhash Ghai's Kisna. According to sources, when Vivek came to know about vacancy in Kisna, he approached Ghai and allotted him any dates that suited Ghai's needs. Was this just an eagerness to work with an ace director, or the need to work with his girlfriend's former director, who gave her such a glamorous image? Maybe he expects Ghai to create the same charm for him too. Past experiences show that actors, who take a shot at too many films at one go, are unable to give their best to either of them. Enacting different roles in the same day leads to confusion and chaos and ultimately the beginning of the downfall. Whatever the case Vivek should not forget the old adage too many cooks spoil the broth and similarly too many films spoil the actor's career. Maybe he should take some lessons from Aamir Khan and his ilk.