Vivek Oberoi moved to tears on India's Best Dramebaaz

Zee TV’s India’s Best Dramebaaz, the one and only acting based reality show for kids in India, has once again wowed audiences with its mind-blowing talent this season. The cute li’l dramebaazes cracking everyone up with their innocence, mischievous antics and acting skills, the crackling chemistry between the judges Huma Qureshi, Vivek Oberoi and Omung Kumar and the fun camaraderie between hosts Shantanu Maheshwari & Vighnesh Pandey have the viewers coming back for more! 

During one of the recent episodes, li’l dramebaaz RS Shreesha and Dipali Borkar depicted an emotional act which was based on the infamous 1984 Bhopal Gas Tragedy. While, RS Shreesha portrayed the role of a father, Dipali played the role of his daughter, both struggling to save each other’s lives post the disaster. But, in a cruel twist of fate, the daughter dies leaving her father bereaved. Mentor Vivek Oberoi was overwhelmed after watching the intense act and got extremely emotional. He said, “The performance took us through a painful journey. It really hurts to know that your own people had to go through so much of agony and the culprit just fled the country. It is even sadder that life has no value in front of money for some people. However, the performance was very impactful. The script, the acting, the execution everything was flawless.”