Vivek to do an Aamir in GYARAH CHALLIS KI LAST METRO

Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 24 Oct 2011 19:52:03.2600000 IST

Remember the iconic Aamir Khan train stunt from the 90's hit GHULAM, where he runs on the train tracks towards an oncoming train and barely manages to jump aside to save his life at the last moment. Till date there have been several casualty reports all over the country owing to impression less youths attempting the same daredevil act.


Well if our well kept sources are to be believed the same hair raising stunt is to be recreated by Vivek Oberoi in GYARAH CHALIS KI LAST METRO, a film that would be produced by Amit Chandra under the banner of Invincible Entertainment. The stunt in question would have Vivek Oberoi being chased by a metro in the Capital.

The film has been in the headlines for quite some time with the axing of the original films lead actor Abhay Deol in favor of Vivek Oberoi whose stock in the industry at the moment is sky rocketing. Actor Vivek Oberoi's going through probably the best phase of his career with him shouldering the fate of potential blockbusters like ZILLA GHAZIABAD and the eagerly anticipated KRRISH 2 from the super successful Rakesh Roshan created franchise, with the buzz on Vivek's role being so immense that industry insiders are sure that he would be apt to pull of the character of the legendary 'Joker'.

However this is not Vivek's first tryst with dangerous stunts, Vivek famously jumped from one building to the other in Nairobi for a scene in his debut film COMPANY leading to the stunt director Alan Amin affectionately giving him the nick name 'Tiger'; and he also broke his leg on the Howrah bridge while shooting for YUVA.

The source also goes onto add that there are going to be several death defying stunts performed by Vivek in GYARAH CHALLIS KI LAST METRO that will have the audiences on the edge of their seats, and for the same the makers are roping in internationals stunt technicians.

On contacting the director Sanjay said, ''There would be many wild chase sequences, including one at the metro station but it will be shot completely fresh and different from what has been seen before.''