Wanna know which is India's Biggest Blockbuster?

Wanna know which is India's Biggest Blockbuster? news
Mansoor Khan By Mansoor Khan | 19 Aug 2013 13:04:47.1330000 IST

Recently Shahrukh Khan's CHENNAI EXPRESS registered Rs 100 Crore business in just four days thus becoming India's First film to earn Rs 100 Crore in record time but do you know which is India's first biggest blockbuster of all time? Glamsham.Com reveals the answer which may come as stunner to many readers.


When asked which is India's First biggest blockbuster of all time, without doubt, you may say SHOLAY or perhaps MUGHAL-E-AZAM but you will be stunned to know that the movie that has generated revenue 100 times more than its cost of production is JAI SANTOSHI MAA, a mythological movie that was interestingly released in 1975, the same year when multi-starrer like SHOLAY and DEEWAAR were released but despite no star cast JAI SANTOSHI MAA, gave a tough competition and went on to celebrate Golden Jubilee (50 weeks)

Produced on a shoestring budget of mere Rs 5 lakh with no salable stars to boost the movie went on to collect Rs 5 Crore which is almost hundred times more than its cost of production! The revenue if calculated in today's time works to about Rs 67, 81, 00,000/- !!!

Till date in the history of Indian cinema no movie has been able to return revenue hundred times more than its cost of production. The only movie that comes close to it, in terms of returning the revenue, is Rajshri Productions' MAINE PYAR KIYA released in 1989 which generated revenue up to 15 times more than its cost of production but even it's far behind the mammoth revenue generated by JAI SANTOSHI MAA!!!

The movie was directed Vijay Sharma and produced by Satram Rohra. It had Ashish Kumar and Anita Guha, the regular stars of mythological movies. Readers may wonder what was so unique about the movie that it attracted the cinegoers like a magnet. Well the music of the movie was its strongest asset. The music was composed by C. Arjun and Kavi Pradeep wrote its lyrics. All the songs of the movie were super hit. Remember Main Toh Aarti Utaroon Re ....Yahan Wahan Jahan Wahan ....Madad Karo Santoshi Mata.....