‘Wannabe Free’ from shackles of social media? Richa Chadha comes to rescue

Richa Chadha

Shibani Kashyap and her enchanting voice is famous for binding people under a sweet musical spell. In her upcoming single titled ‘Wannabe Free’, the singer takes to music with a cause by encouraging everyone to free themselves from the shackles of social media. And to represent the music video who better could be other than actress Richa Chadha who is known to speak her mind freely on any social platform.

Richa over the period of time took to the social platform to address her thoughts and agony without fear. She has a distinct social media presence because of her forthright take on issues. The song ‘Wannabe Free’ composed by Shibani Kashyap with Rashmi Virag’s lyrics truly represents Richa's persona by large.

Richa shot for this video in Goa earlier this month where she will be seen in a role of a woman who's affected in her daily life by the adverse effects of social media addiction. This song hopes to put a rest to our technological eye in order to realize the importance of human affection and emotions. This song is set to be released under the Zee Music label by the end of January.

When asked Richa about the music video and her collaboration with Shibani Kashyap, she said, "Shibani is a friend and I was glad to be featured in her song. Unlike a regular party number or a romantic song, she's made something meaningful about a pertinent and growing problem. I was happy to be associated with it."