What did Karan Johar advice Sophie Choudhary to find a Mr Perfect?

ISHQ 104.8 FM’s esteemed show Calling Karan season 2 have been garnering rave reviews just like its first stint. The response has been overwhelming and callers have been waiting to get some apt relationship advice from none other than the multitalented Karan Johar.

The recent caller on the show was the gorgeous actress Sophie Choudhary who wanted to seek an advice from Karan on finding the Mr.Perfect for herself. “Where will I find the man of my dreams, he needs to have the looks of Manish Malhotra, needs to have your brain in your wit and energy like Varun Dhawan. You need to help me find him, I am waiting…” quipped Sophie Choudhary

Giving a quick reply to the gorgeous woman, Karan said, “The thing is not to look for perfection but to enjoy the imperfection Sophie, and everybody has beautiful imperfections, some have them physically, some have that emotionally while some mentally. The thing is to envelop them and embrace them because even that can be attractive. The moment you go out for perfection you will find yourself alone. You are a gorgeous, talented and successful girl and would find many guys who want to spend their lives with you. Be in an intense relationship you don’t look for flaws because everyone has them.”Well truly, imperfections are beautiful! Tune in to Calling Karan 2 on Ishq 104.8 FM Monday-Friday at 10 am and 8pm for the latest entertainment and some of the boldest advice from none other than Karan Johar.